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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back To School Rainbow Sensory Bin

So after our first few weeks of homeschool my mommy brain was exhausted. It is hard to teach a first grader math while a preschooler asks what do I have to do next mom? Whats my schoolwork mom? Wheres my math mom? Wheres my notebook mom? Whats my spelling words mom? 92 24 89 3 10 0 6 81 55 38......? Is that right mom? 

Ahhhh talk about overload. So out came our sensory bin materials!

What's In Our Rainbow Sensory Bin 
 colored rafia 
puff balls
bright colored balls
pipe cleaners
letter cards
bright colored erasers
magnet numbers 
bead necklaces
plastic cups
all different length ribbons
sorting containers
tweezers and other grabbing toys


Friday, May 30, 2014

Daddy Mommy Vacations are IMPORTANT!

So each year we have been blessed to be able to take a vacation just the two of us! It is much needed time to rest, relax, and fall in love all over again. 

We have done different things each year one year we travelled to Milwaukee, WI. Another year we spent a few days in Wisconsin Dells in late fall with beautiful fall foliage! 

Last year we ventured up to Copper Harbor, MI.

And this spring we headed off to Chicago's Magnificent Mile for a long weekend!

We visited a few sites, spent time walking and enjoying spring weather! Enjoying each others company. We visited the Museum of Science and Industry, The Willis Tower Sky Deck, and did a lot of shopping! We ran through a few raindrops and navigated our way through the "windy" city!

Most importantly for us we spent time talking to each other. On our past vacations we have adopted a few things from Jimmy and Karen from "Marriage Today" 
We have read a lot of the books they have written on these special weekends together!
We also make it a point to listen to there podcasts on iTunes! They are AMAZING! 

One of the take home points from there books is a "Vision Retreat" Where you take time to step back look at your lives and pray and ask God why did you put us together? What is your vision for us? What is your vision for our family? Coming together we work through any points of stress or arguments we may be dealing with but we come at it from the perspective of "what is God's plan?" 

It is an AMAZING weekend. 
The time that would be great anyways becomes even more precious to us because we are seeking GOd's will for us, for our children, and primarily for our marriage!

Each year we look forward to this time. I spend time praying for our vacation before we leave. To pray that God would guide our time together to mold and shape us into His children!

If anyone is interested this book
Mountaintop of Marriage

Is like a guide book for a "Vision Retreat" It walks you through the process! Tells you what to prepare before your weekend away! 

A few of our other favorites....


We are also super thankful for our wonderful family who is excited and willing to take on our kids while we are away! Creating a completely worry free weekend knowing the girls are well taken care of!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Bucket List With Kids

So we are coming down with a bad case of spring fever around here. A very long record cold winter has kept us cooped up inside and we are ready for spring!

Here are a few spring bucket list or spring activities to do with the kids this year!

Jump on the Trampoline and take crazy hair pictures!

Who can find the most wildlife? Who is brave enough to get the closest?

Take a swing on the tree swing! Or make a tree swing like ours!

Go FROG hunting! Dont forget those puddle boots!

Make all different shapes of icicles and even put them in jello!

Go for a 4 wheeler ride!

Have an outside Princess Parade!

Make Slime
(2 parts elemers glue to 1 part liquid starch)

Give your tractor or bike a little shade! Make a Tractor Cab!

Find some beautiful flowers for a great picture

Have a bonfire!
Don't forget the marshmallows!

Roll out the butchers paper and some different toys for an interesting outside painting project!  

Blow bubbles! Catch Bubbles! Chase Bubbles! Watch the dog chase bubbles!

Make a bird watching list, who can mark the most diverse list of birds?

Observe a frog!
Better yet observe 2 frogs and let them race down the driveway!

Go puddle jumping... Or if you still have lots of ice like us make a melted snow river through the ice, and watch your stick boats and leaves float down it! Who's leaf boat makes it down the river first?

Find a great waterfall!

Can you loose your boots in the mud? How deep is that mud really? Make a mudpie!

Monday, October 7, 2013

What to do with Old Kitchen Cabinets?

So my new kitchen led to a lot of extra old kitchen cabinets...!


So my excellent hubby created a new craft desk for me!
He put a few cabinets together, added some wheels, spray painted chalkboard pain on the back, and made a beautiful wood top!

It is the perfect craft desk... With lots of storage!

It is the perfect place to scrapbook, sew, or plan out our homeschool lessons!