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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Bucket List With Kids

So we are coming down with a bad case of spring fever around here. A very long record cold winter has kept us cooped up inside and we are ready for spring!

Here are a few spring bucket list or spring activities to do with the kids this year!

Jump on the Trampoline and take crazy hair pictures!

Who can find the most wildlife? Who is brave enough to get the closest?

Take a swing on the tree swing! Or make a tree swing like ours!

Go FROG hunting! Dont forget those puddle boots!

Make all different shapes of icicles and even put them in jello!

Go for a 4 wheeler ride!

Have an outside Princess Parade!

Make Slime
(2 parts elemers glue to 1 part liquid starch)

Give your tractor or bike a little shade! Make a Tractor Cab!

Find some beautiful flowers for a great picture

Have a bonfire!
Don't forget the marshmallows!

Roll out the butchers paper and some different toys for an interesting outside painting project!  

Blow bubbles! Catch Bubbles! Chase Bubbles! Watch the dog chase bubbles!

Make a bird watching list, who can mark the most diverse list of birds?

Observe a frog!
Better yet observe 2 frogs and let them race down the driveway!

Go puddle jumping... Or if you still have lots of ice like us make a melted snow river through the ice, and watch your stick boats and leaves float down it! Who's leaf boat makes it down the river first?

Find a great waterfall!

Can you loose your boots in the mud? How deep is that mud really? Make a mudpie!

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