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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monkey 1st Birthday Party

A Monkey 1st Birthday Party

I cannot believe that M2 turned 1!! There is no way it has been a year already! My baby is now a big girl, she went from sleeping, crying, and nursing to crawling, talking, chasing her sister, eating big girl food, and GROWING UP!!!

So anyways... Here was our Monkey Birthday Party!

Our "ball pit" (for the little kids)

Plastic pool filled with swimming noodles
(an electric knife works great to cut them up)

 Party Favors - 
slingshot monkeys 
and stick on monkey tattoos!

These things were a huge hit! All of the kids had a blast shooting them off the deck (and the adults enjoyed it too!)

I had been praying for weeks for good weather so that we would be able to enjoy our big backyard and deck! It rained this morning.... Talk about stress! Then about lunch time it cleared up and the day was beautiful! Temp in the 70s slight breeze (not too hot or too cold) PERFECT!!! 

The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation Exodus 15:2

Here is the table set up:
Printed out Happy Birthday Banner on 8x11 card stock, cut it out punched holes and hung it up! Perfect!

Purple Table Cloths
Sock Monkeys
1st Year Birthday Photos
Banana Candy


Games and Decorations

We stapled hanging decorations to the trees and the deck to make the backyard feel festive.

The Water Blob Returns
I think we really have perfected this idea now... The first time it leaked... A LOT!
But we got it figured out! THe kids had fun stomping, dancing, jumping, laying, swimming, ETC!

Game 1 
Banana Hunt 
Sort of like an egg hunt but with bananas!

60 yellow paper plates

Cut the bananas out of the rim of the plates, makes a perfect banana shape. I got about three banana out of each plate. Before everyone came I ran around the yard hiding bananas at all heights and spots.

We did a staggered start. Youngest to oldest. Each kid got a 5 second head start from the last one. So the first person goes everyone counts to 5 then the next person goes, then count to 5 etc. Gives the little ones a little advantage!

M1 finding bananas on the picnic table! Of course our dog Sierra was right at her side! (Such a faithful dog, always looking after her charges!)

Game 2
Monkey Mouth Toss/ Drop

So does everyone remember when I got carried away with the spray paint... this is what the box was for!! M1 and I had fun painting a monkey face on the box and then cutting out the mouth. For this we have a really tall deck. So the kids stood on the step of there age, ie the 3 year old on the 3rd step, 5 on the 5th step etc. 

The original plan was to drop a q tip through a swimming noodle and try to aim it in the monkey mouth, but they kept getting stuck inside??? (Of course this did not happen when I trialed this game but oh well) So we just dropped them instead. 

Each kid got 20 qtips to drop in the mouth.

M2 was very intrigued watching everyone playing the games!


A Monkey Cake... What else can I say?

Its Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Here is the Link to the Recipe


Other Food
Cheesy Creamy Salsa Chicken
Monkey Shaped Sandwiches


ALong with the Cake we had a 

Ice Cream
Chocolate Syrup
Caramel Syrup
Crushed Heath Bars

mmmmm Cake and Banana Splits!! Delicious

Such a fun party and a fun day with friends and family!!

Happy Birthday to my Littlest Monkey!
You have blessed our Lives! We Thank God everyday for the miracle you are, for the joy you bring to our lives, and for the love!

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57

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