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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The New Zoo in Winter

So we had a really surprisingly fun outing at the New Zoo in Green Bay, WI

We were on a little mini family vacation and decided we wanted to see how the animals were up to in the wintertime! We have previously been to the New Zoo a few time in summertime and I would highly recommend it! 

We have seen the Milwaukee Zoo, Sea World - Florida, Chicago Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo and a few others and we really love the New Zoo in Green Bay! It is smaller by far and you can easily spend a whole day here or you can spend a few hours and see the majority of it. We like get up early in the morning drive to green bay and then stop at the zoo and spend a few hours learning and visiting the animals! It gives the kids a few hours out of the car and gives them something to look forward to in an otherwise "kid boring" shopping trip....!

Anyways we have never been to the zoo in the winter! It is very much fun! It was a little snowy but there are some indoor exhibits where you can go and warm up, the animals were more interested in us then I believe i have ever seen zoo animal. I am just guessing here but since the zoo is not that busy I suppose they were enjoying a little entertainment watching us watch them. 

M1 was most excited for.... The Peacocks!?? When we asked her what she wanted to see the most that is what she said so we spent a lot of time playing I spy a peacock! They find a lot of interesting hiding places in the winter!

Feeding teh goats in the petting zoo is always a big highlight and they both thought it was hilarious! So much fun to hear there little screeches of laughter when the goats would reach and push each other around for the food!

Probably my most favorite part is the giraffes. They have a nice indoor space where you can touch, pet, and feed them! There is a very kind zoo (volunteer? or employee?) there who is full of interesting facts and information about the giraffes! You can watch them interact with each other and play with some giraffe toys!

Overall its a lot of fun to see the animals playing in the snow from geese to buffalo to giraffes to the playful otter there are a lot of fun exhibits even in the winter! So if you're passing through Green Bay, WI I would definitely recommend stopping by the New Zoo it is just a few miles north of the city and a lot of fun!


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