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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Build A Fort Kit Birthday Party Gift

What do you buy for an 8 year old boy??? 

I asked my husband what he did when he was a kid. His answer, simple: "built forts, when someone found it we took it down and built a new one."

So We created our very own build a fort kit for outside!!! Perfect for the beginning of summertime.

Whats included you ask??

A tool box
assorted nails
bungee cords
walkie talkie / hand held 2 way radios
tape measure
8' x 10' tarp
Instructions for making knots
Pictures of survival shelters for ideas
duct tape

Others ideas we didn't include:
small tooth hand saw (I was not going to be responsible for giving him a saw!!)
lumber (we debated this and then figured 
he could scavenge for some!! But if you don't have a lot of woods 
you may need some old lumber or second hand lumber

We laminated the pages for the ideas and the knots so they could be out in the woods near the forts and not get destroyed!! Little boys are hard on things!

Walkie Talkies (Target $20)

Our simple survival knots

I am pretty sure he thought it was a pretty neat gift! We did! I think I just may make one for us someday.... Fort building sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

What do you think? Anything else critical to a Build a Fort Kit?? What else would you have added? Comment below!

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