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Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Ooblek = Speechless!!

Ooblek Again

Liquid or solid? Hard or Soft? Smooth or Bumpy? What the heck is this stuff?

The first time we played with Ooblek it was an all day activity. Today it lasted for a long time also. Adding in some food coloring added another dimension to the exploration. 

I let Monkey 1 (M1) explore these things on her own for awhile first and then I start asking questions typically. Is it hard soft etc?

Every question I asked today she just giggled! Wish I had a video to show you!
Giggled and giggled. 

I do believe I rendered her speechless...!!!!!! And if you know M1 you know she talks so fast most of the adults in our family cannot understand her 90% of the time! THIS IS UNHEARD OF!

Finally words started to form and she was off and running, "Mom, Apparently I am making you cupcakes!" (Apparently?? What??? Where does she get this stuff from?)

We made flower cupcakes, we made soup, we cookies, we:
squeezed, dripped, sniffed, pinched, shook, scooped, spooned, rubbed, and bathed in Green OOBLEK. This resulting in weird alien hands which led to a whole story and pretend play time!

If you have never played with Ooblek check here for our first post which includes a Recipe for Ooblek

What is ooblek?

Check out the Dr Seuss Book on Ooblek!

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