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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jello Sensory Bath

Sensory Jello Bath

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We had a great time this morning playing in this bathtub
M1 helped me yesterday to mix up all of these jello bowls and we threw them in the fridge
It was a chilly morning here (50 degrees!) So we decided to use the jello in our bathtub rather than outside. It was a lot of fun!

We set the bowls of jello upside down and ran some hot water on the bowls to get them to release the jello!

M2 was very puzzled at first! I love the look of interest and determination on her face!

We added some people from our playmobil set to play in the jello and have a Jello bath! It is pretty fun to make them chairs, beds, etc and get them stuck in the jello!

M2 decided it was time to taste the jello! I believe she tried the green (lime) haha! 

Then she tried the purple, she liked that a lot more than green!

And red... Lol do you see a pattern developing. Really she didn't eat the jello just took a few licks then went back to playing with it! So important for babies to taste things One of their main senses at this age!

And if M2 is doing it then M1 decided she needed to get involved also!

They really enjoyed themselves! And I enjoyed watching them!

Mixing colors together!

Have you ever played with JELLO? How do you play with it? Post a comment and let us know! We love new ideas!

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  1. Popping pver from tuesday tots. Looks like they had a blast. We had fun last week with jelly in the bath tub and I was so amazed that my daughter didn't taste it as she still puts everything in her mouth! Liking the playmobil jello bath