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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colored Noodles for Sensory Play


How to dye noodles:

noodle variety (very cheap at the dollar store)
food coloring

Apparently you can also use rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar but since I knew Monkey 2 would definitely try putting these in her mouth we went with the vinegar.

1. Dump noodles in bag with 1-2 tsp vinegar depends how much noodles you have

2. Add food coloring. CLOSE BAG... TIGHT!!! (oops!) It is possible that I may have ruined a shirt! Possible! Yet to be determined I suppose.

3. Shake Mix dance do whatever to get these all mixed up. Then we layer them out to dry for the night. 

 The large shells were perfect size for monkey 2, plus they were stinky and didn't taste great so after 2 attempts at eating them. She kept them clear of her mouth!!! Vinegar will do that for you!

Monkey 1 also enjoyed sorting them and playing  and stringing the noodles to make necklasces. I will post some of our noodle art soon. 

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