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Friday, May 18, 2012

Potty Training or Partying!!

As a small disclaimer if you have not potty trained a toddler, or you have a weak stomach this may not be the post for you. Graphic Cakes to Follow!

So for all you Parents out there who have successfully potty trained your children CONGRATULATIONS!! 

Monkey 1 would go in spurts a week of no accidents to a week of all accidents!! So we did everything that a good parent does: BRIBERY??? "If you go on the potty you get a sticker." Stickers?? Apparently that was not a big enough incentive. "If you go on the potty you get a fruit snack." Well that kind of worked but not for long."IF you go on the potty you get  a JELLY BEAN!!" That worked for awhile too, but it was not a good enough incentive to weigh against seriously heavy playtime. 

OK It is time to rethink this potty thing I figures. How about IF YOU GO ON THE POTTY, WITH NO ACCIDENTS, YOU GET TO HAVE A POTTY PARTY!!!! 
A PARTY!!! OH YES THAT WORKED!! (then Emmi (grandma) kindly added there would be a celebratory marching band at this party!)

So almost overnight we were potty trained, actually there was no training involved just potty party preparations. 

We made a watermeon turtle:

 The party nicely lined up with the Super Bowl, so we had a combined party. Family and Friends joined us in celebration of potties and football. Strange combo I agree. 

Crackers and cheese with ranch to make footballs

Football Cake Pops... MMMM delicious

 And Last but definitely not least the most IMPORTANT ASPECT of a PARTY to a 2 year old: 


FYI its lemon jello and brown sprinkles (Two white cakes stacked up with center cut out, glass inserted in center with jello partially set and added balls of brown sprinkles) 

 But we ran into a small problem, "MOM when is the Marching Band coming?" 
Marching band?? What?? OH NO! EMMI!

So a quick run to the dollar store turned up a whole lot of noise makers, all potty party guests were coerced into partaking in our potty party marching band with the newest addition to the potty users as our leader. We marched up and down and around the house to the POTTY CAKE!! (All during halftime, of course!) 

It was a very successful party and a successful potty training adventure! Will Monkey 2 be this easy? I hope so!


  1. Leave it to Emmi to mention and then for you all to create the Marching Band! Love it & You! Bless your heart too!

  2. Keisti she most certainly did just that!