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Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Way to Play With Cars

Who says little Girls can't play with cars??? 
Here are some of our favorites:

Above: Who doesn't love sidewalk chalk! There are endless possibilities. 
1. We draw chalk roads and drive cars, play follow the leader (I have done more skipping the the past 2 months than I think I have in my whole life....), pull behind puppies (or snoopy as we call him), use ride on toys, and pretty much everything else we can think of to do with a road! 

2. What does daddy do with cars?? In our house it is a serious crime to have a dirty car! So we wash them!
Daddy sets Monkey 1 up with her own sponge and soapy bucket and she goes to town scrubbing her tractor!

3. Ok so we didn't get a good picture of this but paint with cars! Monkey 1 loves to make hand prints foot prints finger prints, dog prints, etc. So we learned about what kind of "print" a car makes, run them through the paint and on the paper they are really beautiful!!! (FYI I even used it when I was scrapbooking for a border on a page... the tractor makes very cool prints)

And like I said cars cannot be dirty.. So we wash them again... Haha
This also works on little play cars, we make little "car wash" with toilet paper tubes for them to drive through... etc. 
4. Make a Little Car Wash

So this isn't the best but painters tape has a million uses to a kid!! One of our favorites... Making roads... They usually go throughout the entire house and they stop at our playmobil house, pool, farm, etc. Its our own little city. So 5. BUILD A CITY!

And wash and wash....
 This is like never ending entertainment at our house!
6. Race them (usually down the slide or the deck stair rails at our house) look around and be creative! Do you have gutters, empty pipes paper towel tubes, a long hand rail?

And here is our list of things we haven't tried yet... 

7. Build a car matching mat. Hmm... Hard to explain but the picture of it is stuck in my head. Black paper, colored squares, and parking cars on there color. Does that make sense?? Hmm well I will post a picture after we try it!

8. Card board box car. We are waiting for a large enough box that we can use to make a car (think of the flintstones!!) Paper plate wheels and all!

9. Build a balloon powered car 

10. and last but not least a hot dog car lunch (can you make a hotdog look like a car?? we are going to try)! 

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