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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Homemade Rock Candy

This day we decided to make rock candy from scratch, I saw a pin on interest, I am sure everyone has seen it! It was a lot of fun. We repeated this again later for Monkey One's Third Birthday Party! She loved making them for her friends....

Here is the recipe:

16c white sugar
8 cups water
Wooden skewers
Food Coloring
Jars or Cups and clothespins
You can add candy flavoring if you have it but its not required

We started out with 8 cups of sugar and 8 cups of water. Cook it down until all of the sugar is dissolved. Keep adding sugar until you have at least a 2:1 ratio. You can do more, we kept adding until the sugar was no longer dissolving. 

Then we wet the skewers with water and rolled them in sugar, make sure you let these dry so that the candy has something to stick to. 

You have to let the candy cool for a little bit in the pot but not completely cool, if it is too hot you melt all the sugar off  the stick. (We had this problem the first time and it took a lot longer to get the candy to collect on the stick)

Then you can see in the picture we used clothes pins to hold the skewer in the middle of the glass, let it sit out for 3-6 days depending on how much candy you want. They should sit somewhere not too hot or cold with lots of light to create the most candy!!

We had a great little lesson on the calendar and how it works,  Monkey One marked the day they would be done and each day we compared them were they bigger smaller, etc. And at bedtime we crossed off another day!!!

 HEre is the final result.... 

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