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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here are our sensory bins to date: The whole list compiled in one!!

Seashell exploration + cloud dough

A snow day play, we used snow and ice cubes and carrots and raising to build miniature snowmen inside!!

Our "Candy Sensory Bin"
This bin lasted many weeks!! Here is what is included: 

B. Pop-Arty Funky Pop Beads (from Target)
Candy Hearts
Multiple candy containers saved from holidays long past or bought on clearance after the holidays.
A Gumball machine I found for $3 at Shopko
Plastic Eggs
Colored puff balls
spoons, cups, bowls, egg carton (for sorting, stirring, dumping, etc)
magnifying glasses
candy wrappers taped closed
Tic tac containers
And some valentines cards to make pretend gifts!!

Our first experience with Water Beads!
AMAZING! I can't keep my hands out of them either! 

Even Monkey Two (5 months) was interested 
(with very close supervision by Daddy!!)

Construction Site Bin
(Inspired by Handy Manny)
Dry peas and lentils
Dry black beans
spoons bowls cups funnel and tube etc
Handy Manny tool kit
Trucks and cars

Colored Noodles
Large noodles were for Monkey Two (8 months) to play with and small ones for Monkey One (3 yrs), we plan to take these back out soon to make some beautiful noodle art and necklaces. 

Our First Sensory Tub / Box / Bin
dried beans
puff balls
ice cube tray (best sorting tool)
foam hearts and necklaces
And some random additions Monkey One suggested on her own

 Baby Water Sensory Play
bumbo seat + warm sunshine + deck + bowl of water + cups + spoons!! 

Great fun!
Monkey One (3 yrs) spent her time "washing dishes" in a bucket of soapy water from her play kitchen in her outside playhouse! What a beautiful day!

Spring Sensory Bin
Easter Grass
Puff balls
fake flowers
flower pot
egg carton color sorter
letter popsicle sticks

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